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Are you a selling champion?

Coordinate the tours selling in touristic destinations and receive commissions:

How does it work?

A seller is an independent selling person who is in charge over our business partners in his/ her area. He receives 10% commission of the final cost of all the tours where the promo codes of "his" businesses have been used. 



  • Enter new business partners to the platform. 

  • Help each of them create his own username and promo code.

  • Provide marketing material for each of these businesses. 

  • Visit "your" businesses at list once a month - maintain personal contact with them, help them improve the selling, make sure the marketing material is in good condition and in highly visible locations. 


Full transparency: 

You receive detailed statistics of the promo codes of all the business you are in charge off:

  • How many times people used these promo codes

  • Where, when and in which tours these promo codes have been used

  • How much money you earned (in total and how much still need to be paid for you)

Monthly payment:

You will be paid once a month for all the tours where promo codes of "your" businesses have been used. 

How to apply?

Want to become a seller? Write us about yourself: your motivation and relevant experience. Please write us to this email: We will get back to appropriate candidates and coordinate an interview with them - either in person or online. If you successfully pass the interview, you can start!