About Tour Guiding

At Tour-Guiding we aspire to create a simple user-friendly platform that enable travelers to explore the world around them through the eyes of local guides:​

Tours by real professional local guides:

All tours are made by professional local guides. Each tour has a name & face behind it - you know exactly who is the guide that prepared each of the tours.

Safe platform, no spying, no app needed:

We developed a “web-application” to make your experience easier and safer: you are not required to download to your phone any application that you are not sure what does it doing inside your phone; and yet you receive a user-experience just like if you were using a native application!

Excellent choice for independent travelers:

You are an independent person? Like to take your time and walk at your own pace? You want to get familiar with your surroundings? - the audio & video tours are the perfect choice for you!

Digital platform for game tours:

We work closely with institutions and other companies who wish to carry out games and orientation activities in the outdoors. We provide them the digital support for their ever-changing needs. 


We hope you enjoy the tours, please free to contact us about any comments you might have.


Happy traveling,

Tour-Guiding team.